A Rough Set-Aided System for Sorting WWW Bookmarks

, und . WI '01: Proceedings of the First Asia-Pacific Conference on Web Intelligence: Research and Development, Seite 95--105. London, UK, Springer-Verlag, (2001)


Most people store 'bookmarks' to web pages. These allow the user to return to a web page later on, without having to remem- ber the exact URL address. People attempt to organise their bookmark databases by filing bookmarks under categories, themselves arranged in a hierarchical fashion. As the maintenance of such large repositories is diffcult and time-consuming, a tool that automatically categorises book- marks is required. This paper investigates how rough set theory can help extract information out of this domain, for use in an experimental auto- matic bookmark classification system. In particular, work on rough set dependency degrees is applied to reduce the otherwise high dimensional- ity of the feature patterns used to characterize bookmarks. A compari- son is made between this approach to data reduction and a conventional entropy-based approach.

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