Improving Folkrank With Item-Based Collaborative Filtering
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ACM RecSys'09 Workshop on Recommender Systems and the Social Web, Volume 532 von, Seite 17--24. (Oktober 2009)

Collaborative tagging applications allow users to annotate online resources. The result is a complex tapestry of interrelated users, resources and tags often called a folksonomy. Folksonomies present an attractive target for data mining applications such as tag recommenders. A challenge of tag recommendation remains the adaptation of traditional recommendation techniques originally designed to work with two dimensional data. To date the most successful recommenders have been graph based approaches which explicitly connects all three components of the folksonomy. In this paper we speculate that graph based tag recommendation can be improved by coupling it with item-based collaborative filtering. We motive this hypothesis with a discussion of informational channels in folksonomies and provide a theoretical explanation of the additive potential for item-based collaborative filtering. We then provided experimental results on hybrid tag recommenders built from graph models and other techniques based on popularity, user-based collaborative filtering and item-based collaborative filtering. We demonstrate that a hybrid recommender built from a graph based model and item-based collaborative filtering outperforms its constituent recommenders. furthermore the inability of the other recommenders to improve upon the graph-based approach suggests that they offer information already included in the graph based model. These results confirm our conjecture. We provide extensive evaluation of the hybrids using data collected from three real world collaborative tagging applications.
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