RDF without Revolution An Analysis and Test of RDF and Ontology
Department of Computer Science, University of Durham, Bachelor Thesis, (April 2005)

This dissertation describes the design and development of the Frege shared information system. This system builds upon the work of semantic desktop systems such as Gnowsis and Haystack, exploring the ways that ontological information may be integrated into an existing desktop environment. The major contribution of this work is the introduction of the idea of ‘reflections’ between information models as a formal basis for integrating a shared information system with existing applications. The success of this work is intended to be judged by its ease of use for developers, the completeness of the model reflection and its efficiency. According to these criteria the design implemented may be judged a partial success, achieving an easy-to-use reflection which is practically too slow to use in general purpose systems. The work does, however, suggest means to improve this in future systems in order to bring about a fully-integrated, evolutionary semantic desktop system.
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